About Us

Hospitals and Lab centers have been evolving a lot in the last decade; been constantly changing to internally increase their operational efficiency and to provide better service.

Whilst in the process, adoption to Electronic Mode of capturing the data and automating the internal process have become a key important aspect.

Hardware is another challenging area faced by Hospitals and Lab Centers while wanting to use the software. Hardware has vastly improved from the Silo, Tower model Servers of earlier days to Virtualized, Elastic model of today and constantly evolving. Hospitals and Lab Centers have a challenge in knowing what is ideal for them, and learn how to scale up when the operation increases. This is not an area which they would want to invest time, money and effort.

KareInfinity precisely wishes to provide Solution to this problem, in making Hospitals and Lab Centers adopt to Technology, by helping them to embrace with ease and simple models.


Infinitylab is a laboratory information system for all lab settings helps entire laboratory process automated including order entry to results distribution.

  • Manage Lab any time, any whereAccess infinitylab any time, any where. the system can be managed and reports can be distributed across.

  • Effectively manage the complexities This solution is designed for lab operations that process tens of thousands of requisitions every day. The speed and versatility of Commercial Lab will streamline workflow and enable technicians to easily access patient information to generate custom reports and address physicians’ requests for comprehensive integration.

  • Multi center linking, home collection Simplify the adoption of technology in an efficient and cost-effective manner which helps the centers to just focus on their business process.

  • Cost effective solution No infrastructure cost, no specification on device, use your personal device and pay only for the usage, complete flexibility on licensing. which some time comes to zero costing.